Private Frederick Thomas Charlton

Private  Frederick Thomas Charlton served in the 2nd battalion (Ottawa) with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during World War One. He is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory medal.

He was born on April 29 1897 in Eastman, London, England

He enlisted on September 23rd 1914 in Valcartier, Quebec in the 2nd battalion G company. (He was a minor)

Trade : tanner

Religion : Church of England  Status : single

Height : 5′ 8″  Weight : 136 lbs

Eyes : blue Hair : brown

Name of the mother : Alfred Charlton Address : Whitby, Ontario

He embarked on SS Cassandrian in Quebec City, Quebec on September 30th, 1914. The ship arrived in Gaspe Basin on October 2nd. They departed on October 4th. They arrived in England on October 15th. Arrived on Salisbury Plain on October 25th.

November 14th:The 2nd battalion is inspected by the King. They did drill, physical training and musket training. They began to practice attack at regimental level around mid-December.

February 4th, 1915 : The 2nd battalion is inspected by the King.

February 7th : The battalion proceeded to Amesbury. They arrived in Avenmouth on the 8th. And then embarked on the SS Blackwell

February 11th : They disembarked in St Nazaire, France. They Arrived in Armentieres on February 17th.

February 22nd : He was hospitalized for ulcer at a toe (probably because of too much marching)

August 3rd : He was transferred to the 2nd battalion and joined the unit on the 7th.

August 31st : He was wounded in the field (probably by a sniper). He was transferred to the Casualty Clearing Station on September 1st “While digging trenches was hit in right side of the chest by a rifle bullet. He was in hospital about 2 ½ months”

October 1st : He was transferred to England

He was declared medically unfit on January 6th, 1916. He sailed to Canada on SS Missanabe on the next day

March 25th : He was admitted to the Central military Convalescent hospital

April 3rd : His father enlisted in the 182nd battalion (868093)

He enlisted a second time in the Royal Canadian Dragoon on September 29th, 1916 in Toronto, Ontario (number 550284). It was not rare to see someone enlisting a second after being discharged or refused to serve.

September 30th : He embarked on SS Missanabe and arrived in England on October 13th.

May 5th, 1917 : He was transferred to the Eastern Ontario Regiment (Depot regiment)

April 19th, 1918 : He was granted permission to marry to Adelaide Charlton

December 5th : He embarked on the H.M.T. Minnedosa and arrived in St John New Brunswick on December 14th.

He was discharged on January 15th, 1919

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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