Nursing Sister Sadie Saint-Germain – UPDATED

This is the story of Nursing Sister Sadie St-Germain who I decided to revisit since I found some new and interesting information on her. Not listed on the Official list of WW1 casualties but her cause of death was linked to her war service on an official Canadian Government document (see below). This put the total of casualties to 63 Canadian nurses serving with the Canadian Army Medical Corps died of cause related to war.

Nursing Sister Sadie Saint-Germain served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during World War One. She is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

She was born on July 21st 1884 in Hull, Quebec

She enlisted on August 10th, 1916 in Kingston, Ontario

Her mother was Mrs St- Germain and living at 321 James Street in Ottawa, Ontario

Height : 5’ 5’’1/2      Weight : 107 lbs.    Religion : Baptist

She sailed from Canada on August 16th, 1916 on SS Ascania.

She was hospitalised for a bronchitis on January 3rd, 1917. Everything was back to normal on February 14th.

She was attached to the Kitchener Military Hospital in Brighton on March 8th.

She proceeded to France on September 18th. She was transferred to the 1st Canadian General Hospital on arrival.

She was posted with the 2nd Canadian Stationary Hospital on December 21st, 1918.

She was posted with the 10th Canadian General Hospital on February 18th, 1919.

She sailed from England on May 13th on SS Northland and arrived in Halifax on May 23rd.

She was demobilised on May 26th, 1919.

She died on May 3rd 1923 .Buried in Saint-James Cemetery in Hull, Quebec
Obituary from the Ottawa Citizen May 4th, 1923.
St – Germain – Passed away suddenly May 3rd 1923, nursing sister St-Germain Funeral private from brother residence 122 Cartier Street. Please omit flower.

Below is Nursing Sister Sadie St-Germain Certificate the cause of death. Her death was related to her war service but no Memorial Plaque or Memorial Cross were issued to her family. Her file is quiet about that. Her brother was still alive when she died so technically he should have received one but he did not. Why? History is silent about that

Germain cause of death

If you know more information on this lady, please leave me message so I can add it to her small biography.

Nursing Sister Sadie St-Germain gravestone in St-James Cemetery in Hull (now Gatineau)


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    Nursing Sister Sadie Saint-Germain – UPDATED | A tribute to some women and men who served in armed conflicts

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