Private Clifford Hugh Hoskins

June 27th mark the anniversary of the sinking of the Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle, Private Hoskins was one of the member of the medical personnel onboard that ship.

Private Clifford Hugh Hoskins served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. He is entitled to the British War medal and the Victory Medal.

He was born on February 19, 1895 in Castle Carey Somerset, England

He was examined on April 14 and enlisted April 16, 1915 in Hamilton, Ontario in the 36th battalion (Peel’s regiment). His number in the active militia was probably A-6310.

Religion : Church of England                 Status : single       Height : 5′ 7″

Eyes : grey               Hair : pale           Weight : 142 lbs.

Trade : He was a dairyman at the Borden Dairy company.

Name of his father : Thomas Hoskins Address : Park Street Castle Careyand

June 19 : He sailed from Montreal on board the S.S. Corsican and arrived in England on June 28.

October 11 : He was sentenced to 18 days without pays for being absent without permission for 8 days.

October 13: He was sentenced to 11 days without pay for refusing to obey a non-commission officer.

May 16, 1916 : He was sentenced to 5 days without pay for refusing to obey a non-commission officer and insulting an officer. At this date he was posted with the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

June 2: He was transferred overseas to France and sent to the 10th Canadian Field Ambulance on June 15.

October 1 to 7 : He was admitted to the 10th Canadian Field Ambulance for Pyrexia of Unknown Origin

May 10, 1917 : He was admitted to the 2nd Australian General Hospital in Wimereux for Light Asthenopia. He is sent back to his tasks on May 28.

May 29th : He was admitted to the 10th Canadian Field Ambulance. He ceased to be attach to the 3rd Division and transferred to the Canadian Army Medical Corps on the same day May 29th to August 23rd : Admitted to the Northumberland War Hospital in Adsforth New Castle on Tyne from Diagnostic : Light Asthenopia

June 11: jaundice             August 3: jaundice is cured

August 23 to September 10 : He was admitted at the Canadian General Hospital in Epsom.

March 21, 1918 : He was transferred on the Llandovery Castle.

June 27 : He died when the Llandovery Castle is torpedoed and sunk by the German U-boat U-86. It happened 140 miles from the coast  of Ireland. The ship sunk in less than ten minutes. On board there was 258 persons and only 24 survived from the attack. The German submarine was commanded by Lieutenant Helmut Patzig and the second in command were Dithmar and Boldt. After the war Captain Helmut Patzig was trial by Germany and sentenced to four years in prison for this attack.

This event was later used to boost the sale of War Bonds with this propaganda poster


Also during the last push of the last 100 days of the way, the code L.C. (for Llandovery Castle) was used as the code word to signify the launch of the attack

August 13: His body was recovered by United State Naval Force, he was identified and buried at sea. Canadian army report from United State Navy September 23, 1918.

June 24, 1922 : The Death Plaque and Memorial Scroll, Memorial Cross and his medals (British War medal and Victory medal ) were sent to his mother, Charlotte E. Hoskins.

His name is commemorated on at least three memorials

Halifax, Canada Memorial

Halifax MemorialHalifax Memorial Panel

The Castle Carey Memorial in Somerset, England

Somerset MemorialSomerset Memorial 2

and finally the Borden Diary Memorial in Toronto, Canada

Monument Laiterie Borden

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

Picture of Private Clifford Hugh Hoskins


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  • Mark Foot  On 2017/11/10 at 14:05

    His name also appears on the war memorial inside the parish church in Castle Cary. I have a picture showing his name. I currently only have the newslaper picture of him but if I track down another I will post it. I am related to him as his was an uncle to my grandmother.


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