Nursing Sister Beatrice Vidal – UPDATED

Nursing sister Beatrice H Vidal served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during World War One. She is entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal.

She was born in Quebec City, Quebec on August 6th, 1874

She was the third wife of General Beaufort Henry Vidal. He died in March 2nd 1908. When the general son’s, Maurice Henry Vidal, enlisted at the end of September 1915, he gave her mother-in-law as his next-of-kin. Her address was 190 Cobourg, Ottawa, Ontario

She enlisted on April 16th, 1916 in Taplow, England

Height: 5′ 1″             Weight: 110 lbs.       Religion: Roman Catholic

Eyes: blue                  hair: fair

She gave her son-in-law, Maurice Henry Vidal, as her relation (not a next-of-kin). He was her deceased husband child. She was a Nursing Sister with the CAMC in Canada on enlistment.

To be home Sister on February 9th, 1916

Daughter: Madame J. A. LeRoyer, 78 Malborough, Ottawa, Ontario

She proceeded to France on March 3rd, 1917

She was posted with the 6th Canadian General Hospital on March 6th.

She was admitted at the 2nd Canadian Stationary Hospital (neurasthenia) in Abbeville on May 9th

She transferred to the 14th Canadian General Hospital on May 10th.

She returned to England on May 18th

She was admitted at the Q.A.I.M.N.S. Hospital (debility) 71 Vincent Square on May 19th.  She was discharged from hospital on May 26th.

Maurice Henry Vidal was killed on July 29th. He was serving with the Canadian Army Service Corps

She sailed from England on HMTS Justicia on September 13th. She disembarked on September 25th.

She was discharged on January 31st, 1918 (Medically unfit). Her medical reports from that period reveal that she was underweight and was not able to get back to her normal weight.

She died on September 15th, 1923 at St-Luke Hospital in Ottawa fo gastro-intestinal intoxication

Her British War Medal, Victory Medal, Memorial Plaque and Scroll were sent to her daughter on Malborough Avenue in Ottawa. No one is entitled to the Memorial Cross.


Memorial Plaque to Beatrice H Vidal

Memorial Plaque to Maurice Vidal

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