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Private John Neilson

Private John Neilson served with the 2nd battalion Scots Guards in Egypt in 1885. He is entitled to the Egypt Medal 1885 clasp Suakin and the Khedive’s Star.

He was born in 1864 in Cockpen, Midlothian, United Kingdom

He enlisted on June 4th 1883 in Edinburgh, Scotland in the Scots Guards

Height: 5’ 8”       Weight: 129 lbs.               Hair : Brown

Eyes: Hazel         Religion: Presbyterian

September 1st, 1884: he was appointed Lance-Corporal

February 21st, 1885: He paraded at Wellington Barracks before embarking for Egypt

March 9th : The regiment was posted to an outpost position near Suakin, They were harassed by the enemy during the night.

May 8th : He received his Khaki clothing. it was the first time the regiment used that color before that their tunic was the well-known scarlet red.

May 16th : The 2nd battalion Scots Guards regiment embarked for Alexandria

July 8th : He left Egypt for Cyprus where they arrived on July 11th. They stayed there until September 10th

September 11th : Back home. He was stationed in Dublin upon his arrival

November 10th: He was promoted Corporal

September 1886: He was stationed in London

February 3rd, 1887: Judge by a District Court Martial and reduced to the rank of Private for striking a soldier

October 10th, 1888: He was hospitalized for 193 days due to syphilis

May 30th, 1890: He was appointed Lance-Corporal

June 3rd, 1895: He left the army completing his 12 years for Short Service

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Private John Neilson’s medals (Obverse and reverse)

On the picture you clearly see that he wore his medals many times because of the damage done to the Egypt Medal(left) by the Khedive’s Star(right). This is the unfortunate result of the impact of the strong bronze made Star on the smoother silver made Egypt medal.


Sergeant Gerald Phair Norton

Sergeant Gerald Phair Norton served during WW1 with the Eastern Ontario Regiment in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces and during WW2 with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. He is entitled to the British War Medal, the 1939-45 Star, the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the Canadian Volunteer Service medal with clasp and the War Medal 1939-45. His enlistment number was 3322527 in WW2 and C-92019 during WW2

He was born on May 1st 1895 in Hawthorne, Ontario

1901 Canadian census taken in Gloucester, Russel, Ontario

Father : William born January 14th, 1847     Mother : Elizabeth born November 10th 1862

Brother : William born January 10th, 1893    Sister : Edna born April 28th, 1896

During the First World War he was with the 2nd Eastern Ontario Regiment.

Trade : Farmer      Status single

Address of his mother : Hawthorne, Ontario

May 28 th 1918 : He enlisted in the 2nd Depot Battalion Eastern Ontario Regiment. The Eastern Ontario Regiment was a depot battalion and those regiments never saw the front line. They were stationned in United Kingdom only and were used to supply men to battalion which were in France and fighting. It was a sort of waiting list before men were sent to France.

Each canadian province had its own depot battalion and on arrival in United Kingdom men were sent to their respective battalion depending the province where they enlisted in Canada. Ontario had three of those regiment the Eastern Ontario (E.O.R.), central Ontario Regiment(C.O.R.) and the Western Ontario Regiment (W.O.R.)

Height : 5′ 8″ 1/2   Weight : 144 lbs.

Eyes : Brown        Hair: Brown        Religion : Methodist

July 6th : Sailed from Canada on board SS Tunisian, arrived in England on July 22nd. Sent to the 6th battalion on his arrival.

June 23rd, 1919 : Sailed from Liverpool onboard the ship SS Belgic, arrived in Halifax July 1st.

August 3rd : He was demobilised

During the Second Worls War he served  with 9th Detachment of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Trade : Salesman and trucker    Status : single    Address :  95 Lees, Ottawa

Name of his sister : L Buck     Address : 1 Pacific street, Ottawa west

Farming from time of leaving school until 1927. Bread salesman Walker Bread Co. for one year. Salesman and supervisor of twelve routes with Producers dairy 1928-1937; laid off on reduction of staff in 1937. Employed odd jobs as salesman until enlistment. Unemployed prior to war

September 4 th 1939 : He enlisted in Ottawa. He stated that he had 1 year service in the 6th Reserve Battalion in England.

June 29th, 1940 : He sailed from Montreal on H.M.T. E44 (sailing list 221) and arrived in Liverpool, England on July 22nd.

July 30th : he was authorized to draw tradesmen’s rate pay as Clerk “C”

August 16 th to the 20th : He got a 5 days permission

September 1st : He was appointed to the rank of acting corporal without pay.

September 2nd : He was appointed to the rank of acting corporal.

September 2nd : He was confirmed in the rank of corporal.

July 31st, 1941 : Admitted to the 15th Canadian General Hospital. He was discharged from hospital on August 19th.

January 17th to the 23rd : He received a 6 days permission

August 18th, 1942 : He was authorized to draw tradesmen’s rate pay as Clerk “B”

January 29 to February 7th 1943 : He received a 10 days permission

February 4th : He was ppointed to the rank of acting sergeant with pay

May 4th :He was confirmed in the rank sergeant

June 28th : Left England for overseas service.

July 10th : He disembarked in Sicily (operation Husky)

January 10th, 1944: He received his Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with clasp.

February 9th : He was appointed to the rank of acting staff sergeant.

September 23rd :He was confirmed in the rank of staff sergeant.

December 4th : Termination of overseas service. Left on vessel W 774

December 14th : He disembarked in Canada and served as escort to prisoners of war

June 22nd, 1945 : He was discharged in Lansdowne Park

November 18th, 1949 : He received his  Second World War medals.

1950 : He married Frances Viney Norton (1911-1999)

April 23rd, 1956 : He died and was buried in Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, Section 24 Lot 23

Obituary from the Ottawa Citizen April 24 th, 1956

“Funeral services will be held Wednesday for Gerald Phair Norton who died of a hearth attack yesterday while attending the funeral of a friend, the late Douglas Gray. Mr Norton an employe of the Mines branch of the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys who lived at 474 ½ Booth Street, was 60… Latterly he had worked 11 years in the Mines and Branch.

Mr Norton leaves his widow the former Frances Viney Cooney whom he married in 1950; a sister Mrs Melva Buck, Ottawa and several nieces and nephew.

The service will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the chapel of Hulse and Playfair Ltd. 315 McLeod Street, Rev A.M.J. gray will officiate. Burial will be in Beechwood.”

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Sergeant Gerald Phair Norton WW1-WW2 medals

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Nursing Sister and Lady Superintendent Rosamond Lucy Nevile

Lady Superintendent Rosamond Lucy Nevile served in the Queen Alexandra’s Military Nursing Service India during World War One. She is entitled to the Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class, the 1914 Star, the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the India General Service Medal 1908 clasp Waziristan 1919-21.

Rosamond Lucy Nevile was born on 1 June 1877 in native of Hammersmith, London.

In 1881 she is listed as residing in Salford, Lancashire.

In 1891 she is listed residing in Fairfield, Derbyshire.

In 1901 she is listed as residing in Fisherton Anger, Salisbury, Wiltshire and as being employed at Salisbury Infirmary.

September 2nd 1907: She joined the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service as a Staff Nurse. Prior to joining the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service she had been employed as a Nurse in England.

November 24th, 1911: She had been appointed Nursing Sister with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service for India (London Gazette)

The Indian Army Lists show that Nursing Sister Rosamond started her service with the Queen Alexandra’s Military Nursing Service India on 29 November 1911.

In 1912 she is listed as residing in Calcutta, India

As a Nursing Sister with the Queen Alexandra’s Military Nursing Service India she entered the France theatre of war on 7 November 1914 (Medal Index Card refers). She was attached to the Rawal Pindi British General Hospital. All 17 Nurses of the Q.A.M.M.S.I. that had served in France were withdrawn had been by latest March 1916.

1916: She was stationed in Poona, India

12 September 1919: She received the Royal Red Cross 2nd class.

1921: She was stationed in Sialkot, India

1933: She was stationed in Dalhousie, India

She was appointed a Senior Nursing Sister in November 1924 and Lady Superintendent in August 1930.

She continued to serve in India through to at least 1933.

Last quarter of 1972 : She died at Taunton, Somerset, England.

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Her medals were sold at Dix and Noonan in October of 2012

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Private James Douglas Nelson

Private James Douglas Nelson served in the Canadian Field Artillery during World War One. He is entilted to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His service number was 349481.

Born on October 14th, 1897 in Montreal, Quebec

Religion : Presbyterian        Status : single    Height : 5′ 9″ ½

Eyes : brown                         Hair : brown       Poids : 130 lbs

Trade : Time Keeper

Name of his mother : Mary Crawford           Address : 241 Elm ave, Montreal

Name of his father: AllanWilliam Crawford

Enlisted on November 9th, 1916 in “C” Battery of the 12th Royal Dragoon of Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Kingston, Ontario.

Sailed from Halifax on March 28th, 1917 on board S.S. Missanabie, arrived in Liverpool, England on April 7th.

Transferred to the Canadian Field Artillery reserve Brigade with the 5th Battery in Shorncliffe.

Arrived in France on September 11th.

Attached to the 1st Canadian Depot Ammunition Corps in Whitley on September 13th.

Arrived at the Canadian Corps Reinforcement Depot on October 4th.

Join a column on battlefield on October 6th.

Ceased to be attached to a column and place in an artillery pool on October 22nd.

Posted with the 2nd Canadian Ammunition Depot Corps on January 8th, 1918.

14 days permission on November 5th.

Sailed from Liverpool, England on board the R.M.S. Scotian on May 6th 1919. Return to Canada for police duty.

Transferred on May 17th to the #4 District Depot in Montreal.

Demobilised on July 4th in Montreal.

Address after demobilisation (his parents) : 241 Elm Road, Westmount, Quebec

Picture of Gunner James D. Nelson WW1 medals

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Private Adrien Noël

Private Adrien Noël  served in the Canadian Forestry Corps during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His enlistment number is 1012442 and his War Service Badge class “A” number is81885

Born on November 19th 1877 in Embrun, Ontario

Trade : cook         Religion : Roman Catholic     Hair: black

Eyes : dark      Weight : 130 lbs        Height : 5’2″

July 21st 1907 : Married Josephine Roy in Embrun, Ontario

Adrien Noël wedding papers

July 17th, 1916 : Enlisted in the 230th battalion in Ottawa, Ontario. The 230th battalion was a Forestry battalion raised in the City of Hull, Quebec. It was officially an Ontario battalion but unofficialy a Quebec one because at that time, the city of Hull, was attached to the Province of Ontario military district.

Name of his wife : Josephine Noel       Address : 366 Champlain Hull, Quebec

Name of his mother : Elise Noel           Address : Embrun, Ontario

January 25th, 1917 : Embarked on S.S. Grampian in Halifax. Arrived in England on February 2nd. Taken on strength with the Canadian Forestry Corps (23rd company)

In 1917 he had three children Eugene (6 years), Henri (4 years) and Antoine (3 months)

February 19th : Proceeded to France. Disembarked in Havre on February 23rd.

December 5th : Sentenced to 3 days forfeit pay for being absent from duty from 10:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., December 1st.

March 12th, 1918 : Hospitalized for Myalgia

March 17th : Granted 14 days leave to Paris. Back to his unit on April 6th.

July 4th : Sentenced to 2 days forfeit pay for being absent from duty from 10:00, June 25 until 8:00, June 26th.

August 19th : Arrested for drunkenness

December 14th : Transferred back to England

January 25th, 1919 : Arrived in Halifax on board H.M.T. Aquitana

February 28th : Discharged in Ottawa

February 20th, 1939 : Died

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Picture of Private Adrien Noël